About Me

Oh, Hi... welcome to my blog, ..I'm so happy you are here!
I’m Denni, and I am a 43-year-old, living in the beautiful Netherlands, married, mum of 2 of the loveliest furry babies and I love everything skin care and beauty related!
That being said let’s talk about Lipstick and Jeans
Why Lipstick and Jeans? Because I’m a jeans lady and lipstick is my favorite makeup item
The main theme of my blog is How to be the BEST version of yourself at any age! Here we will share with you the process of aging and most important, how to survive it; But also my stories and my creativity. So there will be plenty reviews on skincare, makeup, and adventures beauty and fashion related, sprinkled with a bit of my everyday life just to keep things balanced!
I can't thank you enough for being here with me, for taking your time to read me, It means the world to me
So, stay awhile... Help yourself around, and if you like, please subscribe to my blog
Thank You

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